Regulatory and Compliance Risk Management

Technology is regulated. The regulatory and risk environment changes almost as frequently as technology itself. We work with your legal and compliance personnel to help you develop policies and processes that not only comply with the law, but also meet public expectations.

Technology Acquisition

We can also assist you with contract negotiations for large-scale technology outsourcing or acquisition of new technologies. We work with your project team to make sure that vendor's contracts and insurance documents provide the protection you expect.

We offer expertise in:

Technology outsourcing

Vendor contract management

Intellectual Property

Risk and insurance advisory services

Electronic contracts


Privacy and Security Assessment

Privacy and security are fundamental to building public trust. A privacy policy is more than a posting on a Web site-it is a policy that applies to all functions of your office involving citizen information. We can help you create a privacy policy that reflects your practices and complies with current regulatory requirements.

In an era of increasing concern about individual privacy, citizens expect open government yet desire privacy as it relates to their own information. When government records contain citizen information, citizen expectations may conflict with the law. We work with you to help you offer online services in a way that meets those expectations.

We can also help you develop an information security policy that addresses access to and control of your information. When necessary, we partner with select organizations to assist with technical issues relating to information security and infrastructure issues.
Electronic Agreements and Records

We have extensive experience with:


The E-Sign Act

The Uniform Electronic Transactions Act ("UETA")

The Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act ("UCITA")

Our experience makes us uniquely positioned to help you offer online services with the assurance of legal enforceability. We can also help you determine which authentication or fraud solution best suits your needs. We also have extensive experience with public record law requirements and can help you formulate a document retention policy that complies with regulatory requirements but provides you with maximum flexibility.
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